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A starting point for the production of our packaging is high quality cardboard. It determines the aesthetics, functionality and durability of the packaging. As cardboard quality is of top priority to us, the paper used for cardboard production is also of premium quality and is sourced from the best suppliers in Europe. Another factor is our BHS and Fosber corrugated board production lines located in the plants in Geater and Lesser Poland. However, people are an asset that matters most in the entire production process and our corrugator operators are valued professionals possessing outstanding technical abilities in the field.


A wide variety of corrugated boards consist of different gsm (grams per square meter) and flute profiles:




The offered range of corrugated board types, however, goes much beyond the standards.


To meet your demands we offer the following solutions:

  • hydrophobic corrugated board (impregnated) used when corrugated board needs to be waterproof (corrugated board for fruit and vegetable market, lockers, maritime transport etc.). It is possible to have corrugated board cold or hot impregnated, we can also use waterproof paper.
  • barrier corrugated board due to the use of the latest materials our offer consists of wide range of special high quality corrugated
  • board sandwich corrugated board (PE) in all possible options
  • greaseproof corrugated board
  • corrugated board with tear tape
  • pre-print corrugated board we can apply any overprint on corrugated board
  • heavy corrugated board of high paper density, made from paper based on virgin fibers
  • open wave corrugated board

High quality corrugated board is mainly used by us for the production of our own corrugated board but as we are aware of its value you can also find it in our offer available as a finished article for other processors converters.

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Werner KenkelWerner Kenkel

WERNER KENKEL – the manufacturer of corrugated board and packaging is a European company characterized by modern management and dynamic development. Wide experience combines with young spirit, sound work as well as with the passion to create.


Main business activities include the manufacture of corrugated board packaging with offset print, corrugated board packaging with flexo print and the manufacture of corrugated board.

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