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Werner Kenkel Spółka z o. o. takes into account the principles of the sustainable economic development policy in its long-term strategy whose key elements are promotion of social development and conducting business activities with respect of the natural environment. Conducting business activities in a responsible and balanced way is possible through taking into account social aspects in one's business activities as well as the implementation and use of new production technologies whose main characteristics is positive influence on natural environment.




The main aim is to conduct business activities in a responsible and balanced way through the implementation and use of modern technologies characterized by minimal risk of the influence on environment. Our beliefs combined with the employees' engagement are compliant with all relevant rules and regulations within environment protection which are part of our environmental ethics. The proof of that fact is the ISO14001:2004 Certificate. Moreover, an important aspect of the long-term strategy are our employees. Their work has significant influence on the quality of offered products and production process. Therefore, the development of their competences and engagement is a priority for us. Hence, we consistently familiarize our employees with licenses, laws and rules connected both with job safety and Werner Kenkel Sp. z o. o. The strategy of sustainable development is one of the most important principles for us therefore, the Company expects all business partners and suppliers to follow it as well. The quality guarantee of the offered products and service provided is the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate.


Ecological policy

The priority of the Company's activities within the implementation of the set environmental aims is monitoring of the business impact on environment and constant development of management's and employees' awareness in this aspect. To protect the natural environment as much as possible Werner Kenkel manufactures corrugated board and packaging based on recyclable materials. Moreover, to maximize the natural environment protection Werner Kenkel uses its own pretreatment plant in the production process. Werner Kenkel takes actions which contribute to constant and scheduled reduction of negative impact on environment through relevant process management, constant production modernization as well as the use of technologies and machines which have influence on its protection. Our priority is also the protection of natural resources through reduction of fuel and electricity consumption, rational waste management based on constant analysis of its structure, segregation of used consumables, devices and packages which are utilized. A significant element of ecological policy implementation is a constant control of raw materials and production processes. Additionally, Werner Kenkel popularizes ecological ideas among its customers through relevant marketing actions and a procedure of suppliers choice. The Company educates its employees in the area of aims and assumptions of ecological policy. To implement ecological policy the Werner Kenkel Management Board provides relevant means and resources and all employees based on the position held or function performed in the Company are obliged to implement its aims. Ecological policy is communicated to all people working for or on behalf of our Company. Moreover, to constantly improve, each assumption of the policy is periodically analyzed against the usefulness, timeliness and cohesion of the policy.


Business strategy

In all activities the Company follows the ethics of the best business practices whose key elements are the support of employees rights and creation of safe workplaces. Moreover, as the Company operating in the business-to-business sector, Werner Kenkel endeavors that the implemented solutions directed to customers fulfilled their significant requirements while at the same time had as little as possible negative impact on natural environment. Special emphasis is put on the development of relations with suppliers. Much effort is taken to achieve a sustainable development by keeping the economy on raw materials, processes, products, waste and emission through the use of the latest technology as well as the implementation of modern ecological technologies.



Policy application

All employees are responsible for the implementation of the sustainable development policy. Periodical verification of assumptions as well as the control of policy's compliance are the responsibility of the Werner Kenkel Spółka z o. o. Management Board. The sustainable development policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the Company and it is publicly available. Upon request, Werner Kenkel makes the information concerning its business activities in the subject area available to the interested parties.



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WERNER KENKEL – the manufacturer of corrugated board and packaging is a European company characterized by modern management and dynamic development. Wide experience combines with young spirit, sound work as well as with the passion to create.


Main business activities include the manufacture of corrugated board packaging with offset print, corrugated board packaging with flexo print and the manufacture of corrugated board.

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