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1979 was the year of deep crisis in Poland and difficult reality for conducting private business for Werner Kenkel, however, that year was very special as it was the beginning of the company's business activities. It is hard to imagine that, in such difficult social and economic situation and uncertain future of Poland, Werner Kenkel decides on such bold and unusual, as for contemporary times, step to implement a private facility with only 3 employees and commences the production of cardboard packaging. Werner Kenkel opens the company in a rented garage located in Leśna Street in Włoszakowice. It does not take long until he acquires first customers and successfully develops the company. The need for packaging increases and it is necessary to undertake first serious investments. That same year he decides to buy a plot and begins the implementation of a production facility together with an apartment located in Rzemieślnicza Street, in Włoszakowice.

With time the company becomes a partnership under the name 'Werner Kenkel i Spółka'. The business develops in various areas but packaging constitutes the dominant part of production. Each profit earned is immediately invested in in the company's development and modernization. 13 December 1981 the Martial Law breaks out in Poland. Not only is economy paralyzed but also spirit in the nation. Poland is a total bankrupt, for the following three years our country is flooded with strikes and the level of dissatisfaction in society grows. However, Werner Kenkel bravely faces the challenge and employs new people giving them hope for better future. 1989 in Poland is the year of economic and political changes. A lot of enterprises find it difficult to cope in the new reality and Poland is flooded with hyperinflation. Werner Kenkel i Spółka, however, employs 150 people and is still developing and investing. In the early 1990s Polish economy accelerates and the demand for various kinds of packaging increases. In 1996 Werner Kenkel and his sons Adam and Damian, whom after reaching adulthood the father delegates a part of shares in the business, take serious investment decisions which determine the future of the business. They buy an estate after the liquidated State-owned Machines Center in Krzycko Wielkie and commence the implementation of a brand production facility equipped in the first their own line for the manufacture of corrugated board and many converting machines used for packaging production. Once the investment is completed, in 1997 a new economic entity is formed Werner Kenkel Spółka z o. o. in Krzycko Wielkie Mórkowska 3 street whose owners, besides the founder of the company, are his two sons.

The following years represent the years of intensive development, investment in infrastructure and new machines with constant growth of employment. In 2000 Werner Kenkel i Spółka merges with Werner Kenkel Spółka z o.o.. In 2004 after a long illness at the age of 61 Werner Kenkel deceases. Since that time the owners of the company have been Adam Kenkel and Damian Kenkel. After the decease of the company's founder, his sons with typical for their family determination, not only take care about maintaining high level of the company but also expand it with great engagement and excellent results. In 2005 in place of the old localization in Rzemieślnicza Street in Włoszakowice a new offset packaging manufacture facility is implemented which enormously expands production possibilities of the company and strengthens its position in the market of packaging suppliers.

In the period between 2006 and 2009 Polish economy achieves impressive results and so does Werner Kenkel Spółka z o. o.. For the company it is the time of intensive development of infrastructure, logistics and technology which strengthens its position of the leading supplier of packaging at home and abroad. The biggest investment of that time is the purchase and commissioning in 2008 one of the latest in Europe FOSBER corrugated board machine. Afterward, there are other state-of-the-art converting machines, logistics and company management systems. At the same time the growth of employment is noticeable. Domestic and foreign visitors are impressed when they can see the XXI century production facility among the idyllic, picturesque countryside of Krzycko Wielkie In 2010, in the neighborhood of flexo facility a new ultramodern offset facility is implemented. Range of possibilities expands up to large format printing of the best available quality owing to the printing press KBA RAPIDA 162A. Consistent development of the offset plant resulted in the building of a warehouse for storing finished goods and in the purchasing of further cardboard stamping and laminating machines. In the first half of 2014, another offset print machine was commissioned, i.e. the KBA Rapida 145, thus increasing production flexibility. In the meantime, the decision to build a third production plant was made, this time in a different location. The Werner Kenkel Bochnia plant – a new production plant offering the manufacture of packaging with flexographic print was built from the ground up in the south of Poland, 40 km form Krakow. This is the most innovative production plant in this industry sector. Production started in April 2014. At that point, the Werner Kenkel Group started to operate.

Year 2015 is the beginning of another major investment at the  in flexographic plant in Krzycko Wielkie. The construction of another production hall is commenced which is to house a state-of-the-art corrugator. Consequently, the construction works of a modern paper warehouse are also started. The investment is completed as early as the first half of 2016 and the plant wins one of the fastest BHS corrugated cardboard production lines in Europe. In autumn 2016, at the same manufacturing plant a Goepfert large format flexo printing machine for packaging is commissioned.

In the same year, the production and warehouse space of Werner Kenkel Bochnia Sp. z o.o. plant is increased to 36,000 m2. In August the production of corrugated cardboard is started there using a modernized Fosber corrugator.

At the end of 2016 the Werner Kenkel Group produces more than 600 million packaging units per year and the headcount in all the three production plants is increased to 1,100 employees.

At the same time, the company is constantly involved in charity through the “Jesteśmy Więc Pomagamy” foundation and actively supports all social initiatives.

The unquestionable success of the company in the industry encourages the owners to further develop the enterprises in Krzycko Wielkie and Bochnia. The strategy of the Werner Kenkel Group for the subsequent years is to maintain the highest level of service and regularly increase production figures. This, in turn, involves further investments.

Werner Kenkel
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Werner Kenkel

WERNER KENKEL – the manufacturer of corrugated board and packaging is a European company characterized by modern management and dynamic development. Wide experience combines with young spirit, sound work as well as with the passion to create.


Main business activities include the manufacture of corrugated board packaging with offset print, corrugated board packaging with flexo print and the manufacture of corrugated board.

WERNER KENKEL Spółka z o.o.

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